Red Faction: Guerrilla Swag Runners-Up

hammer-logo1It's time to reveal the winners of our Red Faction: Guerrilla giveaway. First, the two runners-up...

All last week we were giving away some awesome Red Faction: Guerrilla prizes to mark the launch of Volition and THQ's Martian sandbox. We asked you to send us a photo demonstrating your public support for the resistance.

Below are the two runners-up, both of whom have scored themselves the following prizes: * Red Faction: Guerrilla messenger bag * Red Faction: Guerrilla t-shirt * Red Faction: Guerrilla double-sided A2 poster * Red Faction: Guerrilla Walker figurine * Red Faction: Guerrilla Handbook

The first runner-up is Roy E, whose Emu Hammer gives a nice Aussie twist on the game's Ostrich Hammer.


And the second runner-up is Tommy D, who was quite frankly lucky not to be arrested in the act of shooting this.


Excellent work guys. Stay tuned for the winner.


    The Underworld advert is making the front page of the site pretty much unreadable.

    lol @ Tommy D. nice one

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