Resident Evil 5 Has Shipped 5 Million Copies Worldwide

Capcom multi-platform survival horror title Resident Evil 5 is a big game. How big? To the tune of 5 million big.

The Osaka-base game developer has shipped over 5 million copies of the game, which went on sale this past March. To date, this is the highest number of games shipped for a Resident Evil game. The previous record holder was Resident Evil 2 with 4,960,000 units shipped.

To put things in perspective, four million copies of RE5 were shipped in March alone.

『バイオハザード5』の出荷本数が全世界で500万本を突破 [Famitsu]


    4,960,000 units alone on PS1. There are more units sold other consoles e.g. PC, gamecube

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