Retailers Interested In "Disc-Locking" Technology

While piracy is an issue for game publishers and retailers, so too is straight-up theft. Which is why GameStop and other retailers are taking a good, hard look at new tech that would lock a game disc until it's paid for.

Part of a study by the Entertainment Merchants Association, called "Project Lazarus: Study of Benefit Denial", the tech would "render DVDs, Blu-ray discs, and video game discs unusable until they are physically unlocked at the moment of purchase."

This new tech is being pitched to retailers with the promise it could save them up to $US6 billion a year in lost stock.

Sounds menacing! But look at it again. They say a physical lock. Not a digital one. So, in essence, just one of those things that retailers already put on clothing, that has to be swiped at the counter. Only for a game disc.

Game-disc lock tech could save retailers $US6 billion - Study [GameSpot]


    "unusable until they are physically unlocked at the moment of"

    It doesn't say they're physically locked, it says they are physically unlocked, indicating that it is a physical process performed by cashier at the time of purchase. It probably still is a digital lock.

    Besides, EB Games has been removing the discs from their cases for years now. They put the discs under lock and key and leave the cases on the selves.

    My god, is that Jeremy Beadle?

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