Right-Wingers Cite 1982 Arcade Death In Legal Brief

The fun-killing neighbourhood scolds at the Eagle Forum filed a brief [pdf]supporting California's violent video game law, and invoke the 1982 death of a Berzerk player as evidence that games even cause physical harm.

The Eagle Forum isn't much different from your typical gasbag family values think tank, except that it was founded in 1967 by Phyllis Schlafly (pictured), so it was a gasbag family values think tank before that was cool. It's also funny they're teaming up with Jerry Brown, the former "Governor Moonbeam" and current California Attorney General, who's appealing a lower-court decision striking down a 2005 law against the sales of violent video games.

In a laundry list of evils, the Eagle Forum attaches video games to everything wrong in the world, including high school dropout rates and the lack of preparedness freshmen have for a college curriculum. Nothing, of course, is cited, but that's should be expected from the paper's author, Andrew Schlafly. He founded "Conservapedia," the free online encyclopedia any knuckledragging flat-earther can edit.

The dated references to Sega and the 27-year-old death of Peter Burkowski make me think these are just talking points cut and pasted from the Eagle Forum's video game file.

Video Games Are Equivalent to Fighting Words, Conservative Group Argues in Supreme Court Brief [GamePolitics]


    Soon as I saw that old hag's face I knew it can't be good news.
    I think Phyllis needs a swift club to the head..

    Id like to take Phyllis on the date she most clearly needs.
    A long hard date.
    Im willing to take this one for the gaming community.

      do us proud soldier, we'll hold the fort.

        oh syphillis you and your family are just continuing your attempts to take away our rights.

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