Roll Metroid Prime Trilogy Box Art Up Into Your Life

Nintendo's Metroid Prime collection for the Wii is due to land in North America on August 24th in a snazzy "collector's edition" that bundles up three games, a Metroid Prime Trilogy art booklet, special metal packaging and more.

By more, we really mean a paper sleeve in which to slide the Metroid Prime Trilogy tin in and out of. We could also mean all new presentation for two of those Metroid Prime games, with 16:9 visuals and new Wii controls for the original GameCube duo.

Check out the back of the box after this.


    I think I need a change of pants.

    Never played any of the Prime games so if this gets released in Aus it shall be a definite purchase.

    This is cool, but why didn't they do this earlier with previous titles?

    omg, Wii controls for the original GCN releases? clearly I haven't been up to date on the Wii.

    Looks snazzy. I'm happy they didn't go for a 'New Play Control' look.

    Oh how frustrated the designer must have been after creating that and realizing they were gonna plant a giant Wii logo over Samus' face. I suppose they could do the L4D / Zelda thing and flip the image, but then the fans would probably die a little inside.

    Looks nice though. Gonna trade in my copy of MP3 tomorrow...

    Hope we get the tin, methinks it looks great!

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