Section 8's Shiny Pre-Order Armor

TimeGate Studios' Xbox 360 and PC shooter Section 8 isn't coming out until August, giving you plenty of time to decide whether or not you want to plunk down $US5 for this sexy pre-order armour.

How does the special Captain's armour work for the dueling factions in Section 8? Here's what GameStop says:

Reserve Section 8 and receive GameStop exclusive Captain's armour for both Section 8 and their adversaries – the Arm of Orion. If you choose to play as a Captain of Section 8, you'll proudly wear the Imperial Eagle of the USIF on your shoulder plate; as a Captain of the Arm of Orion, you'll stand out with the rampant Lion of Orion emblazoned on your helmet and gold trim on your power armour. If only we could wear this to prom, we'd get all the ladies.

And now I know what was missing from the power armour I wore to my prom. I knew I should have gone with the lion helmet. Ah well, you live and you learn.


    Game looks great, but from the gameplay videos it looks incredibly boring.

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