Serious Sam Reborn In HD For Xbox Live Arcade

Developer Croteam has worked up a new version of their CroTech Engine in order to deliver Serious Sam: The First Encounter HD to the Xbox Live Arcade.

Scheduled for a late summer release, Serious Sam: The First Encounter HD is exactly what the name implies: the first entry in the tongue-in-cheek, over the top Serious Sam first-person shooter series, upgraded with full HD graphics that take advantage of the full power of the Xbox 360, along with four-player co-operative play over Xbox Live. The folks at Croteam are just as excited as the fans should be.

"We are really excited to update our hero and recreate Sam in stunning high definition for Xbox LIVE Arcade players," said Roman Ribaric, CEO of Croteam. "The fans have lobbied us hard to do this, so we are stoked about bringing Sam back as big, bold and bad as he ever was."

While the official press release didn't name a price, we've heard stirrings from Eurogamer citing 1200 Microsoft points, which seems pretty fair. Keep an eye out for Serious Sam: The First Encounter HD later this summer.

Here are the original graphics...

...compared to the new improved HD graphics.


    Even though it appears it doesn't have it (mind you, I haven't done any research whatsoever), please let there be a split screen co-op, exactly like the original did!


    Croteam, I love you oh so very much! <3

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