Shiva's Lesbian Motorcycle Mode Solves An Age-Old Dilemma

Square Enix have finally solved the age old question of "ass or crotch" with their Shiva design for Final Fantasy XIII. The answer? Give 'em both.

While I've seen this thing in action before, most you haven't. So take a look at these, showing Shiva in her Gestalt mode. The core design itself, in the top pic, is great. Typical Square Enix flamboyance, bringing together the wheel and the chassis, the ebony and ivory, all in an elegant, refined package.

But then look below. Being a motorcycle (at least in Gestalt mode) means Shiva must be ridden. Would you ride the coupling of two God-like women while one stared up your nose and the other sniffed at your butt?

Think carefully before answering...

『ファイナルファンタジーXIII』、バイクに変形したシヴァ姉妹の姿がとても卑猥 [Hatmiaki]


    Yeah, thats...............uncomfortable and slightly awkward. You would have to be brimming with confidence to ride that.

    Just looks weird, not cool.

    I suspect that Tetsuya Nomura has never actually seen a motorcycle before and that he had one described to him before going off on this wild tangent before working out how he thought it should look. There is nothing comfortable or sensible about this. Does he think that anyone with half a brain or a functioning gluteus maximus would actually ride this? Ever? The dude sitting atop it is the most appropriate thing about this image; for on multiple levels, it is indeed a motorcycle for future D-bags. was under the impresion it was a fantasy game and that fantasy games can make things look however they want and don't really need to how it works or worry about comfort. Having said that, that fella does look like a massive doushe bag.

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