Sin & Punishment 2 Looks Sick... In A Good Way

Sequel to the Nintendo 64 shooter, Sin & Punishment 2 brings what the press release calls a "frantic arcade sensibility to a post-apocalyptic world."

Players take the role of Isa or Kachi, two young-ish looking people on the run from pretty much everything. Based on these screens, we don't know much about them besides the fact that they have jet packs. But the press release promises the same run-and-gun action that made the original so popular it just had to hit Virtual Console.

Features include a score multiplier that ups the replay value; the ability to switch between guns and swords for ranged and close quarters combat; and a Wii Remote control scheme that doesn't sound too flail-prone. You point and shoot at targets with the remotes and manoeuvre with the Nunchuck.

Check it out:


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