"Small Team" Working On Mirror's Edge 2

Liked Parkour-inspired first-person action title Mirror's Edge? It's getting a sequel.

Patrick Soderlund, senior vice president at EA Games Europe, admitted to game site VideoGamer.com that Mirror's Edge was not perfect by any means and EA would have liked the game to sell better, but the company was moving forward with a sequel of the "risky" title.

According to the exec, "You will see another Mirror's Edge for sure. It's just a matter of when that time is and what we do with it. We have a small team on it and I'm excited about what we do."

Soderlund offered no further information about this previously unconfirmed sequel, nor did he offer a launch window for the title.

EA confirms ‘small team' working on Mirror's Edge 2 [VideoGamer]


    Christ...maybe it'll take longer than a coffee break to finish this time? Maybe it'll have a decent plot that makes sense and boss battles that arn't just glorified quick time events and enemies that are...whats the phrase im looking for here...not cardboard cutouts of cops?

      Man, if you were worried about the plot and 'cardboard cutout' enemies in a game like Mirror's Edge, then you really missed the point of the game entirely.

      The 'story' mode was definitely on the shorter side, I'll agree. But did you even try out the time trials, which were straight parkour goodness? Or attempt to find all the packages? Or even have a go at beating the set times for the 'story' levels? There's a lot more to Mirror's Edge then it seems like you were interested in.

      By the same token, I'll agree with you on the stupidity of the enemies. But then again, when the purpose (for most of the game) is to avoid having them shoot you or taking them out quickly, I certainly don't expect them to be smart enough to cure cancer on their days off.

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