So, How Did Scribblenauts Come Up With 10,000 In-Game Items?

So, How Did Scribblenauts Come Up With 10,000 In-Game Items?

The key appeal of DS platformer Scribblenauts lies in your ability to conjure around 10,000 items to aid you in your quest. But how did the developers come up with so many of the things?

After all, you try and think of items you can use in a game. Off the top of your head, you could maybe come up with, what, 50? 150? 1500? That’s a long way from 10,000. Creative director Jeremiah Slaczka, from developers 5th Cell, says that five “lucky” staffers got to spend six whole months doing nothing but reading… stuff.

We’ve actually had five people and all they did is they went through dictionaries and Wikipedia and encyclopedias and anything you can think of for six months, that’s all they did every day during the week.

Who said games development wasn’t fun?

5 People Spent 6 Months Researching Words For Scribblenauts [G4]


  • That would be an awesome job….for a few days. After that I imagine you’d just be saying “just put whatever in. We need 10,000 things, damn it.”

    Meanwhile the art guys are getting told “today your making…ummm…a trash can, an aardvark and, I don’t know…A pink jelly monster”. Actually, that would be fun:)

  • That would be an awesome job, it’s like what i’m doing on my time off (not including playing games).

  • I tried ScribbleNauts at E3. I was playing and a crowd gathered to watch me play. The puzzle was one where there is a thirsty man who wants a drink.
    I didn’t want to go for the obvious, so I though Jesus would make some wine. He appeared then did nothing. The group yelled out suggestions this one guy said strap on and dick so I tried. I didn’t do any thing but make a e for everyone logo.
    Then people are all “ZOMFG there are no strap-ons and dicks in this game”!!!!
    I just glued a salami to a belt and made Jesus put on the belt.
    There you go, this is the only game I know that allows for strap-on Jesus.
    Then you make a Dog, a portal and rudimentry enima kit (out of a cushion, funnel and length of hose). It gets too weird after that.

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