So, How Many People Actually Buy Stuff Over XBLA Or The PSN?

Digital delivery of games and gaming content is the inevitable future. But how prevalent is it in the present? The NPD Group estimate that, as it stands, digital downloads on a console are doing... OK.

The retail tracking firm reckon that, of all Xbox Live "Gold" subscribers, 18% of them "regularly download from Xbox Live Arcade". When it comes to the PlayStation Network, things aren't quite as big, as only an estimated 10% of account holders "regularly buy digitally from Sony's PlayStation Network".

It's important to note that this survey isn't counting somebody who bought a single copy of Street Fighter II over XBLA and left it at that. It's tracking those who buy, and buy often.

Digital downloads spell end for videogame stores? [Reuters]


    Also it should be noted that the Xbox one just states download not digitally buy, unlike the Playstation one which does, so that could mean demos.

    If I was kotaku, I would have spun the story the other way. saying how ridiculously successful PSN and XBLA have been and how they're still growing.

    10% of PSN account holders shop regularly? That's phenomenal! Didn't Sony release stats recently saying how there is now over 20 million PSN account holders?

    18% of Gold members, while I don't know how many gold members there are, I felt this percentage is incredibly low. Of the X360 users, they are split into Gold, Silver and those who never go online. Since gold members are players who subscribe with the intention to play COD4 or Halo3 online, I would think they would have made more purchases.

    Also notice the wording, PSN 'regularly buy', XBLA 'regularly download'.

    Downloading and Buying are very different things.

      XBL Silver users can still purchase and download from the XBLM, and there are over 30 million XBL users I believe the states said the other week. I would like to know how regular you have to be to be regular though, I buy stuff from the arcade maybe once every 2-4 weeks, but I get retail games more then that.

    The numbers aren't bad with the PSN considering there's quite a few European countries that can't even purchase anything off it and PSN network cards are only available in the US and Asian territories.

    I myself have bought a few games off it, especially with the PS1 classics since I went with the Nintendo 64 and just played my Neighbours PS1.

    One thing I'd love for the PSN to have is something similar to Steam where they have those kick ass $5 sales, I've bought a ton of games this year because of it.

    I've bought quite a few games from PSN. Mostly the cheaper indie titles, but a couple of big name ones too.

    Downloading demos or trailers is fine. But the idea of digital downloads for entire games seems ridiculous to me, with my lousy 20gb hard drive I'd only be able to have three games at any one time.

    The only way I'd consider downloading a whole game is if it were as a cheap rental format. ie, download a game for five or ten dollars, then after a few days you have to option to renew the rental at a reduced cost or the Console automatically deletes the game.

    Not to mention I like showing off all my games lined up in the book shelf alphabetised in their console specific rows like a mini video store.

    I've bought old Xbox classics, XBLA games plus DLC for games I've bought off the shelf. So much so that I updated my 20GB drive to the 120GB to cope. It's a great way to go.

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