So, Which E3 Announcements Generated The Most Buzz?

E3 is all about the buzz. What was best, what was worst, that kind of thing. But what news generated the most buzz?

Market research firm Buzzstudy mechanically scanned millions of blog stories, news site items, twitter feeds and forum posts (hey, not like they'd do it by hand) to find out. Their results? That's them in the colourful graph above, with the only real problem we see being the fact that trawling software can't distinguish between the two Mario games, so just lumped them together.

Oh, and bear this in mind: buzz is buzz. It doesn't differentiate between "good" and "bad", just how often something is discussed. After all, any publicity is good publicity, right?


    FIFA? One of the biggest selling game franchises worldwide?

    Suppose information about that didn't surface until 2 days into E3 though....

    I recon the ps3 motion controller will workk alot better than project natal

    I'm shocked that Halo: Reach hasn't had a large impact. Not on this graph but just in general. I know they only announced the game with a teaser that has no gameplay whatsoever, but I haven't read much about a new HALO game at all.

    This totally makes sense because I only really know the first half of the list, and of those, Project Natal and FFXIII are the only ones I really care about!

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