Some Facts, Figures On Music Game Players

Ever wonder how many Americans played a music game during the month of April? Well, we can tell you. 25 million Americans played a music game during the month of April.

The figure comes courtesy of market research firm Interpret, who can also tell us some other fun facts about music game players, like:

- People who play music games buy 67% more CDs than the Average Joe

- They're twice as likely to legally download a song

- Music game players are more likely to watch music videos online than the Average Joe (29% vs 15%)

- They're also more likely to listen to music via a social network than Average Joe (45% vs 32%)

So, there you have it! Music game players like music.

25 million US gamers played music games in April []


    Damn, I'd like to play a bit of SingStar with those two :)

    Didn't you guys get into trouble from the owner of that 2 girls 1 cup picture last time you used it?

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