Sony Encouraging Non-Gaming Apps On The PSPgo

While the new PSPgo will be a gaming console first and foremost, Sony have announced that games won't be the only thing supported on the platform.

Speaking with CNET, Sony's Al De Leon has said:

One thing we did announce at E3 was a significant reduction in the price of development tools for PSP. The goal with that is to enable all sorts of developers to be able to develop content for the PSP. It will be mostly games, but there's certainly an opportunity to look at some non-gaming applications.

Many will point to this developer encouragement as a shameless rip-off of Apple's successful app store, but remember: the PSP has had non-gaming applications for years now, ranging from street guides to translators.

Sony PSP Go: First Look video [CNET]


    I'm still waiting for PSP GPS Navigator to be widely available world wide (and MAPs on UMD, and maybe on PSN)

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