Sony To Provide More Details About Motion Controller

Sony's new motion controller made its debut at E3. Sony Computer Entertainment of Europe will provide more details next month at the Develop Conference.

As we reported at E3, the controller actually consists of two wands, which the user holds in their hands, while the PS3 camera tracks the movement and translates it into on-screen movement. The setup seems to be an evolution of the Sony waggle controller patent that surface last October. In conjuction with the camera, the motion controllers can be replaced with other items, such as guns, displaying the player on the screen holding all sorts of items.

The Develop Conference runs from July 14-16 in Brighton, UK. SCEE's Kish Hirani will be giving the Develop Conference and offering more about the new motion controller. A name perhaps?

SCEE to detail PS3 motion controller at Develop Conference [Develop]


    Why is everyone so worried about the name of the controller 'Sonys motion controller' sounds fine for now.

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