Sony: Wii Owners Will Become PS3 Owners (Eventually)

Andrew House is the new boss of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, a position with a long, storied history of corporate tit-for-tat. And one he seems to already be taking a real shine to.

In his first real public interview since assuming the role following David Reeves' departure in April, House tells Edge Online:

If you look back at previous lifecycles, like PS2 versus N64 [sic] , we have lots of data that suggests that lots of people bought into N64 as their entry level gaming device, and were happy to upgrade to a more powerful machine later in the lifecycle when the price point was right for them.

I think we're going to see this later on PS3, and the fact that it's a Blu-ray player as well and that there's a [greater]wealth of network based experiences than are perhaps available on the device they already have will add to the proposition. I think that will definitely be a factor in the marketplace.

Not a bad start to the man's shit-talking career! Unabashed flag-waving, though tempered with realistic statements and a lack of clear aggression. He could have a bright career ahead of him.

Interview: Andrew House [Edge Online]


    LOL is all I say to that.

    "like PS2 versus N64"

    Sorry to bust your bubble Mr House but the N64 was competing with the PS1, not the PS2 - and the N64 was the more powerful of the two. PS2 was competing with the Gamecube.


    came true for me

    lol I agree... N64xPS2 never existed, I personally do own a N64 and a PS2 and the reason why I brought the PS2 was because it was the next generation unlike WiixPS3 :|
    Unless their planing for next-gen Nintendo console x PS3, then they can truly kiss the Playstation label goodbye :(

    Lol, Wii was just too casual for me so i ended up getting a PS3.

    I'll start listening to Sony when they start dropping the price on the PS3. Until then, I'll be off looking forward to The Conduit and Sin and Punishment 2.

    I agree that you might find alot of Wii owners upgrading to other consoles once the prices are more agreeable. However I doubt thats going to be the PS3 as its still about $700 AU where as the Xbox360 can now be purchased for the same price as the Wii $400 AU.

    The weird thing is, I just bought a PS3 and I owned a Wii since last year, and that was a month ago. He might be on to something there...

    What he was trying to say was that the N64 was the first console for a lot of people and their second console upgrade was to the PS2, that was the pathway they took, and now with the Wii, its the entry level console for a new generation of families and the PS3 will likely be the upgrade console from that one when the price drops.

    He's just worded it quite badly. He didn't actually mean the PS2 was in competition with the N64.

    What he says actually makes perfect sense and it was true for me.

    Why does sony keep pretending that Blu-ray is a valid selling point?

    and wasnt the Gamecube more powerful than the PS2?

    Wow it does seem like he may have had a point! O_0
    All i know is i own a 360 and PS3 and i ain't getting a Wii that's for sure.

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