Sony's Exclusives Coming Up Short?

From the day of the PS3's launch, Sony have pursued a bold strategy of constantly launching new, original IP as exclusive titles on the console. But while it's a move that should be applauded on principle, it's just not translating into sales.

Number-cruncher Matt Matthews has, in a report over on GameSetWatch, detailed the North American sales performance of Sony's new, exclusive titles, revealing a lineup of games that are two-headed beasts: somehow managing to consistently find critical success while being, relative to their exposure and advertising backing, commercial flops.

Excluding games sold as part of hardware bundles, for example, only a single game published by Sony on the PS3 has sold over a million copies at retail, and that's the original Resistance. LittleBigPlanet is close to this figure, but many other high-profile releases - such as Killzone 2, Resistance 2 and Uncharted - are not.

The numbers look even worse compared to sales for exclusive titles on other platforms. Gears of War sold a million units in a month on the 360. Gears 2 sold 1.5 million in the same amount of time. Smash Bros has sold over 4 million units on the Wii, and Mario Kart over six million.

So what gives? Matthews raises the possibility that Sony put too much faith in new stuff. Rather than having Insomniac and Naughty Dog release Ratchet & Clank and Jak & Daxter games, which would have sold, Sony let them first release all-new titles, Resistance and Uncharted, neither of which have so far matched the sales or pulling power of their better-known PS2 platformers.

We're also only seeing proper releases in Sony's two biggest series - God of War and Gran Turismo - this year. 2009. Three years after the console was first released. They should perform better than any of the above titles, but you have to wonder whether it has been wise of Sony to release nothing but original titles to date (Killzone aside), when a God of War or two by now may have spurred sales of both PS3 hardware and software. Analysis: Was Using Original IP The Best Idea For Sony's PS3 Strategy? [GameSetWatch]


    So now we are bagging Sony for releasing new original titles and not constant sequels? I thought we were trying to encourage originality...

    Seriously, i think it has more to do with a poor marketing stratagy than new IP's. But this is so very hipocritical.

    But i suppose the point still stands, even though we embrace new IP's and creativity, the market in general tends to stick to the tried and tested or dose not prefere change, similar to everything else.

    Correct me I'm wrong but wasn't Gears of War and original IP for the 360? That still managed to sell a million copies in a month...

    It's the install base. Just taking a sample, in my circle of hardcore gamer friends only 4 of around 40 of us have a PS3. The biggest reason: no one can justify the spend (when they're perfectly happy with their 360s). The only reason I got my ps3 was because it came with my tv (which actually how 2 of the other 3 guys got theirs). $700 AUD is too much for a console this far into its lifespan. Now the PS3 carries a stigma as "the overpriced console that no one has and is not worth buying". The PS3 is this generations gamecube in terms of impact and relevance. It's going to have some sweet games and is worth buying if you're an enthusiast and must play everything.

    The PS3 has some awesome games. But unless you're reading about all the upcoming games on sites like this, you wouldn't know it.

    Ask anyone on the street, what LBP is, and even IF they've heard of it, they probably won't be able to tell you it's a platformer, let alone that you can build your own level - and download other users levels.

    MS's marketing is just way more effective/pervasive.

    I maybe reading the table wrong but Resistance, Resistance 2, Littlebigplanet, etc have sold more than established things like Ratchet and Clank. So I think either the table is wrong or the guy in the article has no idea what he is talking about.

    It all has to do with marketing which you dont see that much of from Sony.

    Yea a few things wrong with the article. As mentioned in a comment above, Gears of War was Original and not a sequel in a franchise like Mario is. Halo on the other would have been a perfect example. Secondly, yes people are just looking to bag the crap outta the PS3 for anything these days. I believe with their exclusives, they have done themselves proud critically.

    Obviously the picture says bundles not included so that explains a lot. However i'm gobsmacked that LittleBigPlanet is above Uncharted and Killzone 2.

    I would have thought KZ2 would have sold more seperately than LBP considering it was a sequel & kinda like PS3's Halo. Most owners would have bought it rather than waiting for its release then buying a bundle. Same with GT: Prolouge.

    I think this chart is a little wrong. We haven't had updated sales of any of these games lately. And these are obviously just US sales. LBP i thought didn't do too well in the first few months in release but hung in there and did end up selling a bit more but still not REALLY GREAT sales so i don't believe its above Killzone 2 or Gran Turismo considering they sold thousands upon release compared to LBP bombing in the first month.

    It'd be interesting to compare a similar list to Europes just for interests sake.

    A seriously flawed article, you guys should seriously move past the ps3 bashing for once, fact is, just about all the games listed have done great in the rest of the world, the US is the US, who cares. Completely wrong angle, Sony have really stepped up and offered quality games, that should be dwealt upon, not poor US numbers, because lets be honest, the rest of the world has much more admiration for quality, in film, or whatever in the masses. Happens with films, music, everything. God of War is something which will do well in the US, but not something like Uncharted.
    It always gets to me how a film can be labeled a flop if it doesn't do well in the us, but makes double it's money back in other territories alone, let alone the rest of the world gross.

    How dare Sony release new IP. The NERVE of them not making a Ratchet And Clank go-kart game or a Jak And Daxter golf game. And to think they haven't got one single RTS Killzone game. It's sickening.

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