Sony's Expanded PlayStation Network May Debut Spring 2010

Sony CEO Howard Stringer and his underlings have been teasing an expanded, product line-wide PlayStation Network for years. That broader service, leaping from the PSP and PlayStation 3 to Sony branded televisions and other gadgets, might hit next year.

According to a Fortune report, it was PlayStation boss Kaz Hirai that said the bigger PlayStation Network should rear its head next Spring. The service is said to make Sony devices "talk to each other efficiently," according to Stringer, that it will make it easier to handle digital camera images, edit video, share content and store whatever it is you download from a Sony device.

Fortune also reports that Sony has designs on making acquisitions that would "accelerate the effort," but plans to "start small" and roll out the new PlayStation Network over time.

Sony: Lost in transformation [Fortune/CNN Money]


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