Sony's Magic EyeToy Wand, When It Was For The PS2

Sony and Microsoft both spent ample time during their respective E3 2009 press conferences to wow us with camera-based motion control, courtesy of the PlayStation Eye and Project Natal. But Sony's "magic wand" tech isn't exactly new.

Dr. Richard Marks, creator of the EyeToy, illustrated much of the same technology during the PlayStation 2 era, using a much more bulbous magic wand to showcase what the console's camera accessory was capable of. Hardly as impressive an implementation of what was on display during Sony's E3 showing, which teased first-person shooter and intricate drawing functions, but fascinating nonetheless.

I remember using similar tech when I first played Harmonix's EyeToy: AntiGrav at my first E3, when the game was intended to ship with bright green gloves, letting the camera track player movements. This looks familiar, but certainly not as refined as what appears to be possible with the PlayStation 3 iteration.

Thanks to Miguel for the heads up!


    meh.. wii's still better

      meh.. this was around long before the Wii.. douce..

      While Sony was working on this the big N was still wondering why the Gamecube turned out to be so shit..

      How can wii be better when wiimote is so inaccurate? Maybe wiimote plus can improve on the accuracy, until I try it, I can't comment on that.

      At the moment, I'm actually look forward to Project Natal and Eyetoy Wand more than wiimote plus.

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