Sony's Motion Control Might Work On Old Games Too

Sony's new PS3 motion controller - whatever it's called and whatever it ends up looking like - won't just be for new games. It might be for old games too!

Sony Computer Entertainment America boss Jack Tretton has told CNBC "I think our [motion]controller can be used with every game that's on the system now - and every game we're working on."

Remember, before you get too carried away, he says "I think". Not "I know". "I think" isn't a guarantee.

PlayStation Prez On Leaks [CNBC]


    "I think" means he will bring it up during meetings, which means we may see bits and pieces of this tech being used for at least some 1st party games or future 1st party games as alternative controls.

    they should make a heanly sword sequel where all you do is play twing twang with the motion controller.

    "I think" means he has no fucking idea and hes just repping like a good little Sony employee.

    Yeah I am going to agree with Brady. The motion controller seems a little too involved to work with every title already on the PS3.

    What he is probably spinning is that the controller can 'potentially' work with all previous games, given a quick patch.

    My money is with Scott Vandonkelaar.

    I would also like to see another Heavenly Swords, but make motion controller optional, instead of compulsory.

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