Spielberg: Natal Changes The Way I Write For Games

Famed filmmaker Steven Spielberg is gaga for Microsoft's Natal controller. He totally *hearts* it — so much that it has sent him back to the drawing board:

Well, I'm currently making video games through EA. And right now, I'm so excited to be able to write for this platform. That's what I'm most excited about. Because it sort of changes the paradigm of what I would have written for last week. Now all that has been thrown away. And now it's a whole new world, a new beginning.

Spielberg believes that the game industry has never allowed players to cry, because the current controller interface does not allow for players to pause from their adrenaline rush.

"Because of that there's no room for a video game to break your heart. I think, in terms of a technology," Spielberg adds, "we have a little more room to be much more emotional with the Natal technology than we ever had before." As we flail around our living rooms, that is.

Microsoft unveils new controller [BBC via VG247]


    Spielberg needs to play more games... it's not the controller interface which needs to be constantly reworked, developers need to make more thoughtprovoking, emotionally engaging stories through the medium of games...

    I have gotten caught up in a few games so much ive cried, granted, extremely rare, but u dont need natal to have something emotionally engaging like that.

    Yeah, EA & Spielberg are perfectly suited - big budget productions designed to appeal to as many people as possible without actually being *good*. Seriously, he hasn't made a really good film since the mid 80s, and the only decent games coming out of EA are made elsewhere and published by them...

    “Because of that there’s no room for a video game to break your heart. I think, in terms of a technology,”

    He obviously didn't pour 20+ hurs into levelling Aeries in FFVII, before Sephiroth ended her.

    And sometimes it is *because* of the controller I want to cry.

    /looks at every FPS on consoles

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