Square Enix Pres Casts Further Doubt On Last Remnant PS3 Release

Japanese role-playing game The Last Remnant was originally planned for a release on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. As of today, only two of those releases have happened, with the third, the PS3 version, starting to look unlikely.

While critical reception of The Last Remnant may imply that PlayStation 3 owners aren't missing out, we're sure some die hard RPG fans are still looking forward to some turn-based action, Square Enix style. But company president Yoichi Wada cast doubt on the third version of the game ever arriving yesterday, speaking at a shareholders meeting and discussing The Last Remnant's fate.

According to a recounting of the event, via Andriasang, Square Enix's concerns about profitability may curtail the PS3 port. He reportedly said that the span of time between the Xbox 360/PC and PS3 releases may have an impact on the publisher's decision to get the PlayStation-bound version out the door. The success (or lack thereof) of the original release is also a factor.

Square Enix didn't show The Last Remnant for the PlayStation 3 at E3 2009 this year, a pretty good indicator that the company won't release the title in 2009.

We've contacted the publisher to get official comment, but have yet to hear back from PR representatives.

Last Remnant PS3 Prospects Not Looking Good [Andriasang]


    Played it, decided it was shit and not worth playing on the xbox, ps3 only needs quality RPGs.

    I personally don't support this multi-platform rubbish, it restricts developer focus and transforms what could be good games into money machines, and you can tell from the moment you get past the opening cut scene.

    As long as it's on PC, that's good enough. In fact, why play on anything else if it's on PC? I ask you, what console can ever hope to be superior to PC?

      Any console that doesnt need Windows, DRM and a constant internet connection to run a game properly... oh I think that means ALL OF THEM are superior...

      PC is superior, for sure (recent trend for unplayably bugged releases aside).. Some games just 'feel' right being played with a controller, while lounging in a beanbag in front of a 52in LCD. RPG's fall nicely into that category.

      Fallout 3 on pc - broken
      Gta4 on pc - broken
      Gears of War 2 on pc - broken

      want me to keep going?

      In short, all of them is the answer to your question.

        Fallout on xbox 360 and PS3 broken.

        Gta 4 on PS3 and xbox 360 broken.

        Gears of war 2 on pc What the f**k are you talking about?!

    Bah, I gave away my 360 version to play the PS3 version. Damn it :(

    Translate, Sony did not pay us like how MS did. Therefore, we are divorcing Sony and marrying MS (like we once did to Nintendo)

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