Square Enix Sued For $5 Million

Square Enix of America is being sued for allegedly deceiving 100,000 customers for "unfair business practices, false advertising and unjust enrichment" regarding online title Final Fantasy XI.

The plaintiff, San Francisco resident Esther Leong, claims that Square Enix "lied about or concealed its monthly fees, penalties for late payments, interest, restrictions and other things that should have been fully disclosed at points of purchase" — basically, Square Enix has been "deceptive".

The court filing reads:

The deceptive advertising, unfair and undisclosed business practices, and concealment concern, among others:

i. Licensing of the online games software disguised as a sale; ii. Monthly fees ("fees") to play the online games; iii. Penalties for late payment of the fees; iv. Interest charges for late payment of the fees; v. Charges while the online game account is suspended; vi. Termination of the right to use the online games for late payment of the fees; vii. User restrictions and conditions related to the online games; viii. Termination of game data for payment of the fees.

The class action lawsuit is seeking in excess of US$5 million in damages.

Courthouse News Service [Official Site via 1UP.com]


    If so.. expect Square to LOOOOOOOSE!
    No Terms & Conditions = Big trouble when you try to milk more mooooney!

    Not like they need it. Suppose there heads will come back down to earth now.

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