Stare Into Project Natal’s Small, Child-Like Eyes

Stare Into Project Natal’s Small, Child-Like Eyes

If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a close-up shot of Project Natal, Microsoft’s motion-sensing camera for the Xbox 360.


  • Wall-E?

    Nah looks good. I just don’t get why it’s Black? The majority of Xbox 360’s out there today are White. Just because the development kits & dark, doesn’t mean the Natal’s have to be too.

    Although – i am planning on getting Elite soon, so it kinda benefits me if i get this.

  • The concept of project natal is really good. In my opinion, it is better than wiimote and sony’s motion controller.

    In the end, only time will tell how accurate this motion controller is… if it is like wiimote standard, then I’ll pass

  • I feel this is going to be as crappy as the eyetoy. Promising great controller-less fun but has the detection rate of a blind walrus. Sorry, great concept but I’m going to stick to my controllers.

  • even if it is quite accurate, I still don’t see it being that revolutionary.

    he problem with natal is – it has the same fundamental flaw as the pseye, that is the fact that it’s only input is vision.

    without any buttons to press, the only way you can tell it to select/grab/drop/change anything is with voice and/or gestures.
    but for that to work properly it would have to b sensitive enough to detect individual finger movements, however it it was that sensitive, it would b very prone to accidental gestures being recognised.

    i think it would also be difficult for it to consistantly track a single finger tip, which would mean it would lack any real 3d precision

    on the other hand sony’s motion sensor only tracks the 3d movements/angle/rotation of the 2 most important points for interaction, your 2 hands, plus it puts buttons in your hand which makes the whole select/grab/drop/change/interact process extremely easy

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