Sunday Supplement: "Can a videogame be like a poem?"

miyamoto2After a short E3-related interlude, the Sunday Supplement returns with its usual dose of links to great videogame writing. Enjoy!

Steven Poole: Poetry in motion? EDGE columnist Poole dispute's the notion that Flower is a videogame poem, but still finds much merit in its focus and finesse.

Groping The Elephant: From out of the shadows CrashT explores how so many games fail to understand the power of stealth.

The Brainy Gamer: Teach me to play Michael Abbott looks at the differing methods of teaching games utilise in their tutorials.

GameSetWatch: Australian Larrikinism in Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow Daniel Johnson takes "a squiz at a game which features an Aussie bloke."

Wired Game|Life: Q&A: Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto on Mario, Zelda, Project Natal and More Chris Kohler chats with the always fascinating Nintendo legend. Awesome interview.



    This is a great idea. Like it.

    Steven Poole article is a bit flowery (I honestly, totally didn't mean that pun) but still right on the money. I've always enjoyed his stuff.

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