Taking A Closer Look At Last.fm On The Xbox 360

News of a deal that brings Last.fm to the Xbox 360 was kind of lost in the flood of information coming out of Microsoft's E3 press conference last week. So let's go back to it.

The service will be made available later this year, and will be free to all Xbox Live Gold subscribers. Once accessed, the Last.fm section of the 360 dashboard will function in much the same way as the popular internet radio station does on your PC, allowing users to do things like:

- browse artists & tracks and compile custom playlists - share those playlists, and other recommendations, with friends via "Party Radio" (you'll also be able to listen in on the same songs/playlists together) - create your own Last.fm station - check out artist pages complete with photos, band info and other info like how to find similar artists.

While there's no word on a firm release date - or, more importantly, whether Last.fm stations can be used as in-game soundtracks - the gallery below should keep you busy while you wait for answers, as it outlines what the service will look like and how it'll work once accessed on your 360.


    I might be asking a stupid/obvious question here, but are you able to scrobble tracks from your 360 hdd, cd, and/or connected mp3 player to your last.fm account?

    Guessing it's too early to tell so far as everything I've read only seems to mention streaming rather than scrobbling.

    Good call on in-game soundtracks, though! Wouldn't be devastated if it didn't make the cut, but it'd be nice to have. I think the only games I've ever used that feature are GTA and Tony Hawk; there's just something weird about using the dashboard player to play music vs in-game custom soundtracks.

      I want it for scrobbling, too. Hope it's in there...

      Scrobbling would be an awesome feature, likewise with in-game soundtracks.

      Regardless of that though, the idea of "Party Radio" sounds awesome!

    Unfortunately the Last.FM didn't get rolled out in Canada with the Twitter/Facebook/Zune apps - anyone know why?

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