Talk Amongst Yourselves

Talk Amongst Yourselves
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This is where Kotaku readers go to talk about the stuff we’re not already posting about.

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Talk amongst yourselves below…


  • Bought a slow cooker last night – got a test drive of Osso Bucco sitting in it cooking all day today – can’t wait to get home to a house smelling of food and E3 videos 🙂

  • So fanboyism aside, who do you *really* think had the best presser? List your owned console also!

    I own a 360

    Nintendo had nothing for me but I guess they finally threw a bone to long time Ninty fans in the form of a new Mario galaxy and metroid. All the comments I read were (almost word for word) “Its more of the same which is good”. Personally I’d be bored if I got more of the same but Nintendo fans know what they like I guess :/
    And nothing about Pokemon: Gold/Silver :(:(:(

    Sony was better but still nothing mind-blowing for me. The unexpected announcement was FFXIV but unless I’m mistaken, that’s online and we all know how “good” and popular FFXI was -_-
    It’ll be interesting to see MAG in action over the next few days. A true challenge to MS’s multiplayer action game reputation.

    MS stole the show for me (but maybe I’m bias). The games they showed and announced looked spectacular and the Project: Natal thing was gimmicky to me till I saw Moleanux’s work… my mind has been in a state of blown since . Mind you, for that to be good and not get quickly tiresome, they have to put in an insane amount of work in to it. *fingers crossed*
    But I’m also thinking about what that does for existing games and genres. You don’t need a game to be based around natal but say you’re using the controller and then a situation arises where you need to do something “strange”, you interact with the TV 😀
    You use the controller to gun through hordes of aliens and then mind a fellow soldier who *hands* you ammunition or guns. This extra interaction.. IMAGINE!! 😀

    I was looking forward to Alan Wake but now my enthusiasm has been slightly dampened. I expected it to be more psychological horror then the Resident Evil type of game we saw 🙁

    • imho all this motion sensing and stuff is so gimmicky, i like the facial recognition but i dont really see any point to it.
      a virtual child? hehe, i’ve got three already and i’ll be stuffed if im going to play with ‘this one’ after getting the others off to bed 😉

      and im already at a point with this tech where i often ask “couldnt i have just pressed a button to do that?”

      as for who was best presser? idk, i hanvt seen the sony stuff yet, securing MSG for the 360 was a good one for M$ dispite being predicted here a week ago, i lol’[email protected] hideo’s line ‘i never said anything about solid snake’

      • Well, when I watched blu rays on my PS3 (before it killed itself), I used to have to turn the controller back on so I could control the movie, that was a pain. Being able to jesture to control the menus, like they demonstrated in the 360 natal presentation, would be neat.

  • Anyone else super duper pumped for Red Faction Guerilla tomorrow? I’ve played both the demos numerous times, there’s just something about it that makes me going back for more, despite my usual dislike of multiplayer. It’s fast and furious and too much fun smashing things up. Come on EB, break the street date, pleaaaaaaaase~

  • i own a ps3 and a psp and a ds and fanboyism is all ive got so bite me. i didnt watch anything but the sony conference and am suffering for it, 2 hours sleep is worse than no sleep and i am hopeful again after being devastated by hideos apparant switch to xbox. the true sequel is a psp game! the little sucker deserves it I reckon. when did it launch, 2004? i got my first in 2006, ive had 4 since then, and i really think the most played game so far since then has been lumines. there hasnt been enough original software suited to the machine and the psp store (especially europes) SUCKS. the psp go could change this aswell as the cheap dev kits. that said i would never buy one, it looks like some retarded egg slider tamagotchi designed for hiptop obsessed american teens or some sort of ass toy (does it have rumble?) besides that i couldnt use it. im 6 foot 5 and i have massive hands. the original lynx is a good size for me. i just really hope the new business model looks better than the new model yecch! now… fanboyISM BEGIN!!1!!nintendo is out of ideas! &*$%BOX is banking on gimmicks! sif natal works! keep “lightning bolt action”! and unlucky FF13! WE GOT EVERYTHING THAT IS GOOD!and ORIGINAL! AND PURE! and FUNCTIONAL! ENJOY THE SCRAPS! another E3 won and another nail in the coffin *ahem thankyou

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