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    why cant they increase my fallout 3 level cap? WHY OH WHY?!

      Darius, have you got the Broken Steel DLC? That lets you go up to level 30.


      Hahaha... someone always gets caught out by the slow moderation!

      O rly?

    Fallout 3 was a good game, it's just a shame that half of the perks are kinda useless and un-fun in comparison to previous iterations.

    Also, second.

    Also, this damned kotaku/facebook system won't let me log out and be anon properly (bug?)

    So, who's seen the Transformers movie and am I right in thinking it sucks ass?

    Fallout 3 is making me happier than I've been in a long time in regards to video game playing.

    I only picked it up a little while ago. My only annoyance is that due to my initial wanderings I skipped quests 'Following in his Footsteps', 'Galaxy News Radio' and 'Scientific Pursuits'...therefore missing out on XP and achievements. Hmm...Ah well. The fact of the matter is that I haven't really felt it diminish my enjoyment. I would like to meet up with Three Dog though...chhhhiiilllldddreeennn!

      I guess that's kinda cool with Fallout that everyone's already in the world and you can skip ahead to Rivet City if you want. But yeah, you miss out some neat stuff at Galaxy News Radio and a fun fight with the Brotherhood guys against loads of mutants.

      Three Dog's kinda annoying though!

        Yeah, it is pretty cool hey.

        I only skipped ahead because I felt bad for poor little Bryan Wilks and wanted him to find a new home with cousin Vera in Rivet City! And then, what do you know, I bumped into Dr. Li etc etc. And it was only by chance that I uncovered Vault 112 whilst roaming the Wasteland.....

        Man, Tranquility Lane was a spin out.

    Why in the credits of video games these days are there so many hugely irrelevant people getting their names up in lights?

    Presidents of companies... vice-presidents of company divisions... the people who did the game's marketing???

    Movie credits at least have the decency to limit themselves to the people who had a hand in making the movie.

    (I should note that funny or light-hearted credits like 'List Of The Coffee Shops That Kept Us Going' or 'Pets of the Development Team' are fine by me.)

      Agreed. The last credits roll I sat through was Red Faction, and it was practically longer than the game itself...

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