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    Wut? This is on Monday too now?

    All right I had a dream last night, maybe you can analyze it for me. I was on a train and was being followed by some really slow Resident Evil zombies. I was moving from carriage to carriage but they just kept following me and I couldn't lose them. Every time the train got to a station I'd try to get out but I'd always get to the doors as they were closing.

    It was a horrible dream and I'm still feeling weird about it. What does it mean?

      It may mean that you ate spicy food before going to bed. That, or Zombies are coming for you and there's nothing you can do to escape them. Buy the book "The Ultimate Zombie Survival Guide" by Max brooks :)

      Resident Evil dream/nightmare could be standard fare of zombies representing the gradual death that is always moving closer and closer to us no matter how much we try to out run it and get away. A constant of our own mortality as we spin closer and closer to the plughole of our own existence than cannot be escaped or extinguished.

      Or sometimes a zombie is just a zombie.

    So Queensland has finally eased up on its motorcycle licensing restrictions. On August 16th my license will be a year old therefore I'm eligible to go for my RE bike license.
    With the new laws I can jump on a 650cc provided its on a specific list of approved bikes.

    I've been saving my pennies away to buy something with teeth (and get off my moped) but a thought occurs. When I ride my moped, i don't worry about gears, throttle to the maximum all the time (except when downhill or cornering) and just get about my daily activities. On a real bike.. this will not happen. Regardless of whether I *can* get on a 650cc bike, should I pick up a 250cc and practice not dying for a year or two and then save up for something awesome thats not on that restrictive list?

    Mind you, the list of approved 650cc bikes is pretty awesome in its offerings. *IF* I go the 650 route I'll be picking up either a Yamaha V-Star (cruiser) or Yamaha XJ6.

    Any avid motorcyclists out there have some advice for a soon to be rider? Gentle start at 250CCs or is 650CCs not too different?

      I just came back to riding after a 10 year break. Before I only rode 250s. I have picked up an 800cc Suzuki M50 and have no regrets. I thought that getting back on a much bigger bike would have been difficult but there were no problems.

        Is the difference in power worthwhile? Like, if I don't take a highway to get to work, would it still be worth getting a 650CC over a 250cc?

      I'll be the stick in the mud here. After a back-op which left me paralized, I was sent to a spinal care ward for 3 months. 3 whole, long damn miserable months, anyways, in that time I met a real great bunch of guys. All blokes, all aged between 16 and 28 ish. All coming to terms with wheelchair life... Anyways, there was this one guy, from an american x-games team visiting oz, he was a skateboarder. So, on the day before he was due to return to usa he was crossing the road, looked left as he was accustomed to do in the states an got pummelled from a car on his right, ending his skateboarding career and almost his life in a split seconds bad concentration..

      So, whats the point to this story? Everyone else in that spinal ward during my 3 months there was due to motorbike accidents. A 16 year old kid, trying to do a backflip, another guy who came off the road and hit a tree. I tell you, seeing those people, far worse of than me, dead from the waist down in some cases, having they're relatives turn a page of a newspaper for them is really soul destroying.

      So, my vote for you is the 250cc, better yet, get a car, and get a racing bike and join a circuit club where you can come of the bike, in some relative safety.

        *meant to say, dead from the NECK down...
        damn kotaku's no editing thing....

        Now I'm definitely not denying that motorcycling can be dangerous Qumulys, I don't think any rider would argue with that.
        However it comes down to what an individual deems to be an 'acceptable risk'.
        A car accident can leave you in just as bad a condition as any motorcycle accident. It's probably a lower risk yes, and thus driving a car falls into many more peoples definition of acceptable risk.
        Just like some people see 'racing a plane 20ft above the ground' as an acceptable risk.
        But like any activity, there are steps you can take as an individual to reduce this risk as much as possible (in this case, proper riding gear/training etc)

        I do agree with 'keeping it on the track' though. I recently did an advanced riding course at Eastern Creek, that ended with a free session out on the circuit, and it was the most fun I've ever had on the bike. It also really helped to reduce some of the nervousness when riding an unknown road.

      I'm only 1/2 through my P's at the moment in NSW, but I'd just like to point out that just because a bike is smaller doesn't make it any easier to ride.

      For an extreme example, take an Aprilia RS125 and compare to larger bikes like a GS500, CB400 or SV650. The Aprilia would much harder to ride smoothly, especially for someone learning to play with gears, whereas the larger bikes I've listed, all have much smoother, and more usable power curves, meaning your shifts don't need to be as 'exact'.
      However, something like a VTR250 makes a great small bike to learn on since it is just as user friendly as the other larger bikes.

      For what it's worth, I'm riding currently riding a CB400 (not the cheapest option, but I split the costs 50/50 with my old man), and have found it absolutely fantastic, plenty of usable low down power (although it's much more fun above 7k revs =P), and it's powerful enough that I don't feel the need to upgrade as soon as I finish my P's unlike my mate on the VTR250.

      (You'd probably get a better response from the Netrider, or TwoWheels forums too, lots of helpful info/people there, including 'Beginners' forums full of questions like this)

      Hmm, thanks all for the comments. I'm going to poke around the TwoWheels forums for some advice. Funny I didn't think of it before given how many Rapid and TwoWheel mags are sitting at home right now.

      You gave me some food for thought Qumulys but I'm standing behind DerangedStoat's comments about acceptable risk. But I also have some personal thoughts to add about why I still choose 2 wheels over 4.

      I’m 100% sure I’d rather be dead than be para/quadriplegic. You raise some interesting points via real examples and I feel like rebutting saying “I’m not some teenager that’ll be trying to do wheelies” or “I’m not a hoon that’ll be gunning it downhill”... But I’m sure that I have and will do enough stupid things to endanger myself. I'm a sensible person but I'm also human and capable of acts of intense stupidity. That and accidents are accidents because they're not deliberate. There's always the chance something will happen beyond my control that will put me in an adverse situation.

      I know Bikes have a high fatality and injury rate in their accidents but look at people that have ridden their whole lives and have never had more than a scratch or a bruise. I understand there are dangers but surely, I shouldn’t NOT do something because of the penalties of an extremely bad luck scenario?

      I’ve driven and I’ve ridden. Driving feels like a chore whereas riding doesn’t. Surely that means I should be a motorcyclist?

      So yeah, I very much appreciate your concerned comments but I've thought about it and my mind is set :)

    Kotaku can you save me? It's monday, work just started and I already want to kill myself.


      here here!
      hey we need the results from the last overlord comp too!
      Save us with disappointment kotaku!

        Overlord comp results are coming through shortly.

    I started playing Fable 2 again yesterday..

    And i gotta say im glad i played through the first time as good. Now that ive done the boredom route im having soooo much fun not caring about the story, eating all the food i want, dressing in womans clothing, having a skinny wife while cheating on her with a fat mistress, seducing men and well just punishing my dog to see how different he can turn out.

    though this game has many "this could had been better" moments, it still has the comeback and mess around for some easy entertainment aspect.

    i just hope that if they do make the 3rd one they scrap the story concept and go for more of a 3rd person fantasy sandbox sims... or at least have a more freeplay sort of mode :P

    Well this is the only option today, as hyper forums got destroyed on the weekend.

    That in the Nerf competition it seems impossible to get over 1800 points on a good go. Whats the secret to it? Do you have to hit them in a certain order? The points seem to be random amounts and cannot understand how people can get such a high score!

      yes, it appears fucked.

    Well seeing as no one else is going to say it I guess I will, Revenge of the Fallen was a pile of DOGSHIT! Like I knew it was going to be bad but MAN...that shit was DBE bad!

    I remember that a couple of people on here are West Ham United fans. Knees Up Mother Brown ( have a really in depth article (4 pages) with Scott Duxberry (West Ham CEO) about pretty much every aspect of the club.

    Tis a great read

      Thanks Michael!

      Love this: "Plan A is I'll have Jimenez there, Mancini there, Cole there, Behrami, Parker ... he said 'if that stays fit, it's Champions League!'."

      And this: "He has a system - I want Jimenez, I want Drogba, I want this and that - and then he leaves it to me and Gianluca to try and get these players."

      Drogba? Seriously?!

        Hopefully Jimenez will do well. It's a shame he didn't play all that much in Inter, but I guess this is now a chance for him to show everyone what he can do.... if injuries don't screw him up.

        On a minor note, i hate xbox live.

        There seems to be such a more positive air around the club now. Under Curbishley, when we were winning, it was always unattractive, and we were complaining when we won.

        Now, under Zola, even when we are losing, it is disappointing, but there is more positivity. The 3-1 Loss to Everton, conceding 3 goals in the last 8 minutes, was a prime example, where we played really well, lost, but there was still good coming from it.

        I really can't wait for the new season to start.

    Okay, this is about gaming, but you can talk about anything here!

    Does anybody know any more details including release date or development progression on the game, Fez.

    It's being developed by Polytron and looks UBER cool. Should definitely be coming out as an Arcade game on the 360.

    Dave, u able to skoop up any info on the game. We all know it looks amazingly original.

      Fez still doesn't have a release date, but expect an update soon...

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