Tecmo Surprises Us With Fret Nice, The Guitar Controller Platformer

Fret Nice, the indie platformer that you play with a Guitar Hero a controller—or possibly with a Rock Band guitar controller—is coming to a console near you, thanks to Tecmo.

The surprising addition to Tecmo's E3 2009 lineup—which also includes Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, Quantum and Undead Knights—is coming to PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade in 2010. In Fret Nice, you'll need to play "riff combos" to defeat enemies, sometimes playing specific riffs based on enemy attributes, and can do so cooperatively.

Fret Nice will let you play two-player co-op locally or online, but with a catch—both players will be attached by a guitar cord, preventing them from moving too far from each other.

The games looks to have updated its visual style on the way to XBLA and PSN, as you can see in our Fret Nice gallery.


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