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Tell Us Dammit

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Whoa… deja vu!

Anyway, here’s today’s question…

Question: Have you ever regretted buying a games console? If so, which one?


  • I never regretted any console I had. My NES was awesome, PS1; classic, PSP; it’s still fun and my PS3; I’m still playing it. =]

    The only thing I regret is letting my little bro have a DS. Not that there’s anything wrong with it but my lil bro LOST IT!!! Argh!!! $200 bucks gone!
    Let my brother be in shame.

    • Why?

      (Metroid Prime, BG&E, Animal Crossing, Paper Mario, Wind Waker, Skies of Arcadia, Sunshine, RE Zero, Eternal Darkness, etc etc. My Cube holds plenty of fond memories.)

  • At the moment Wii, Zelda was good but that’s about it. My brother bought a PSP then promptly switched to DS, probably regretted getting the psp. At first I regretted buying my DS but once I got some decent games such as Pokemon and brain-training I realised its value, also it was only $178 because of a pricing error which even by today’s prices is still very cheap.

    let’s see

    Snes: no

    N64: no

    Gamecube :no

    Wii: yes

    Gameboy: no

    Gameboy colour: no

    DS: no

    Wii: Yes

    PSP: yes

    Xbox: No

    Xbox 360: yes

  • Never. My N64 and original Gameboy still work, the Gamecube never got the attention it deserved, I can’t bear to part with my Advance SP despite carting my DS Lite everywhere, and I love my Wii and Xbox 360 for different reasons. We even have a ColecoVision lying around somewhere that we still pull out occasionally for some seriously old school fun.

    I can understand regretting owning games (Transformers: The Movie, anyone?), but not a console. And in the end, it all comes to the games, really 🙂

  • The Wii is the only console I’ve thought twice about after purchase. Every now and then I’ll drag it out for a game, like Okami, but after waggling the remote for a few hours it really starts to feel like a wank. I almost sold it, but I still think theres hope for it yet.

  • For me: The Wii.

    I got Zelda and Smash Bros, got my fill of those in short order and I haven’t touched it again.

  • NES No
    SNES No
    N64 No
    PS1 No
    PS2 No
    GB No
    GBA SP Sort of…
    DS Lite – YES (Just didn’t realise that I don’t need to play games on the go that much, and also, there are so many pathetic novelty games on that thing that it’s an insult to the gaming world and Nintendo’s once beautifuly untarnished name.)
    360 – No (despite a RROD)
    Wii – Yes (Novelty…pure…novelty.)

  • This is purely a personal opinion, so don’t start spamming. I regretted getting a 360, it seemed cheaply made and this was affirmed when it died on me twice. Got a ps3 and it solved the problem. When I spend money on a console I prefer that it work for more then 6 months.

  • My PSOne…

    I already had a PSX, but the PSOne was on special with a screen and car cigarette lighter jack for $200 all up. Seemed like a bargain at the time, though I’ve only ever used it two or three times since – the PSP has taken over the job of that now.

  • Nintendo Wii. A week of great fun, then didn’t touch it again until took it to a friends house. A couple of hours of fun with it there, then… never really touched it again. Sold on ebay for a $30 profit (apparently my model was modchippable?). Woot!

  • Wii

    Don’t get me wrong, when it came out I have great fun with Zelda, Red Steel & Wii Sports. Along came Mario Galaxy, Eledees and other gems…

    It’s not the novelty of the Wii Controls that has worn off for me, it’s the lack of a constant flow of decent games.

    For a lack of a better term, publishing giants are flooding the market with ‘shovelware’, because the Wii is still the ‘it’ product.

    Hope the fad does die down abit in the future and companies start actually putting abit more effort into the titles they release.

  • Yeah, gotta agree with the general consensus – the Wii. Could only afford one system, and the Wii looked so damn good way back, before it actually launched. Now I haven’t touched the thing in yonks… But Metroid: Other M. Looking good.

  • I would say my DS – getting to work on the train I always find much more uses for the PSP from music, tv/movies to general gaming.

    I could count the games on one hand I would play on my DS. System is good but it just dosen’t do enough for me.

  • The Wii. Its only good for when a few people are around to play casual multiplayer and have a few drinks but that’s about it. Mario Kart, Zelda and brawl are the games I keep coming back to. Mario Galaxy was very overrated I thought and they are not supporting the core gamer which they should.

    On the other hand my best invested console was the xbox1 which after the system died out I still use it as XBMC which I use every single day. Dont no what i would do without it.

  • PS1…I had a million burnt games from vietnam but I ended up playing conker, perfect dark and ssb on my mates 64 every day instead.

  • Me?

    N64: No.
    PSOne: No.
    GBC: No.
    GBA: No.
    GC: No. (I have more GC games than Wii and 360 combined.)
    Wii: No.
    X360: No.

    What I do regret was selling off the N64. Then I load up the emulator, and instantly forget. 😛

  • I’ll probably have people screaming at me, but the Sega Master System, although I didn’t actually buy it.

    I had a NES which a mate had borrowed and then lent to another mate of his who “lost” it. So my friend bought me a Master System. I never had the money to buy more games in those days so it sat unused for ages. When I had the NES, I had about 20 games and enjoyed pretty much all of them.

    So it’s not coz I think the Master System was bad, I just never got to play anything good on it and missed my old NES every day I had it.

  • My 32X, I thought I was so cool but boy was I wrong

    My Saturn, 2 mistakes in less then 12 months.

    My PSP, I got a DS 2 days later, true story!

    And my Wii, it might be awesome, IF I was 12. Maybe 8-10.

  • dreamcast.. I loved the damn thing, and even though I only have 3 games on it, I spent a few hundred hours on each one. (Which is sad, because I spent a hundred hours on Skies of Arcadia, and didn’t even get a full party yet.. yes, I’m a mad level grinder.) I love that thing to death.
    My only regret is that I couldn’t get more games on it. It’s so frikkin hard to find any place that sells DC games in Thailand.

  • I regret buying my girlfriend a DS. She played it twice and it’s been in a drawer for over a year.

    Wait, is that the point of this question?

  • My regrets;

    NES: for 5$?? WIN!
    PS2: kinda lame, got it as it was going out, didnt use much, never use now.
    PS3: I don’t think that’s a valid question.

  • 2 consoles i regret buying: PSP & Xbox 360.
    they were both impulse purchases to see what they were like and now they both get NO attention. My PS3 on the other hand gets used every day. My Wii gets used maybe once a week. My wife and daughter both have DS’s and dont get used as much as what i had hoped for.
    In saying that, I would never get rid of a console ever again! That is something I regret more than anything. I have had every console since the atari 2600 and the only consoles left from previous generations are a PS1 and a Gamecube. The 1 I regret selling the most is probably my Dreamcast. I had over 30 legit games for it and sold it last year. I’ve regreted it ever since 🙁

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