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Dammit, we want you to tell us stuff! Stuff like whether you are an online or an offline gamer.

This isn’t some marketing survey or whatever. It’s an emotional investment in you. Yes, we’re interesting in knowing you, Kotaku reader person. You probably know fucktons about us — more than you even want to, we’re sure. But, hey, we’d like to know about you, too.

Anyway, here’s today’s question…

Question: Do you prefer single-player games or multiplayer games? And why do you like one better than the other?


    I prefer Multiplayer games easily over single-player.

    Being able to meet with your mates online, beating them into a pulp and gloating about it for weeks afterwards. Those types of thigns make it all worth while.

    I don't mind the odd single player game, but having a multiplayer part to it makes it so much better (i.e. COD4, Red Faction etc)

    I mostly stick to single-player gaming. I do love a narrative to play through; the experience of an interactive movie, if you will.

    I guess I feel I'm getting 'too old' for multiplayer gaming and find that I spend more time flinching at the obnoxious people on these servers. I also find it demeaning to even attempt at being 'hard' over a mic conversation.

    It's a real sticking point for me...I wish it were otherwise, because, thinking back, I absolutely loved being obsessed with HL2 deathmatch and Counter Strike. Unfortunately, there has not been one instance since I joined Live where a session hasn't been marred by some dickhead. But yeah, I can hear people say, "Suck it up champ! Online gaming r00lz!".

    Ah well...

    I generally play through the single player campaign and them move to multiplayer if I enjoy it.

    Mainly single player for me. I do enjoy multiplayer games, especially with friends, but unfortunately it seems that I'm likely to come across people who ruin the game more often than those who make it more enjoyable. Anonymity and all that...

    I like singleplayer experiances better, most of the time they are more focused than multiplayer.
    But i end up playing more multiplayer than singleplayer because its easier to get sick of a singleplayer.

    I like a good single player game, although multiplayer usually lasts longer but I seem to lose interest if I can't recruit my mates into playing it aswell.

    winning against or being beaten by randoms online is only entertaining for so long.

    Yeah, I know where you live... *says in creepy voice*

    I prefer single player games, when they have a good story that I can really get into, or even just lots of good game play (depending on the type of game), but will then play online multiplayer until my internet is shaped. The lag due to crappy pings is a problem down here in Tassie :(

    On another note, I'm wanting to get a "classic" (something like battlefield/CoD franchise) FPS for my PS3 but only one for now and can't decide which one... I was thinking either Battlefield: Bad Company or CoD 4

      COD 4 is awsome, top 5 this gen. I would say Get COD 4 becuase the singleplayer is fantastic and the online is super addictive
      But Modern Warfare inst that far away.
      BF BC is also a good game but not as solid as Modern Warfare.

        Ahhk, thanks.
        Yeah I want to play NOWNOWNOW so I think I'll get CoD4 for cheaps at JB or somewhere today :)

    I prefer single player, if it has an engaging narrative, usually I get bored of games when the story stops.

    I don't like online multiplayer but I do like co-op and offline multiplayer, I just wish so many dam games wouldn't require system link for these! WTF happened to split screen? did developers forget the xbox 360 has more than one controller?

    Co-op campaign are really the best games like Lego star wars are great to play with a friend.

    I also wish games would (especially RTS's) would stop focusing on multiplayer and shortening single player campaigns, it really splits the market, those who like single player will want a longer campaign and those who like multiplayer won't care, please stop being greedy and jut serve one market well.

    I do like mmorpgs but then the fun really depends on the quality of the people which is hard to assure when trying to find random people in different timezones at different times of the day with different objectives.

    Whilst I have grown a bit more fussy when it comes to choosing what to play, I am not such an elitist that I would only play single or multi! I mean, why cut down your options?

    I play TF2 until a singleplayer game is out that catches my attention. (That's not often though, last one was mass effect...) So it's mainly just TF2.

    I'm mainly a single-player kind of guy as I like to experience the game at my own pace. Also, I kind of feel like I will get too easily killed by the experts if I try and multiplay.

    Having said that, I did enjoy a bit of counterstrike back in the day and I went crazy on TF2 for the first 6-9 months after it came out. Best thing I liked about TF2 was playing a Medic and having fun as a support class more than a frontliner. Probably says more about my personality than anything else.

    I tend to prefer single player games. I was going to say I prefer games that give a solid experience with both, but really, most games only have a great single-player or multi-player component. I can't think of any that do both to a point where you could say they're both equally good.
    I prefer single player games because you actually finish them. You experience the game, you finish it, and you feel proud of what you've accomplished. Multi-player for me is just the same thing. No matter how much fun it might be to beat down the annoying punks on the server, or play against your friends, in the end, I don't get any real feeling of satisfaction from a game that didn't have a "point".

    Singleplayer or multiplayer are both great for their own reasons, and the party system on xbl makes singleplayer slightly multiplayer too.

    I really don't like multiplayer achievements though.

    My internet is too shocking to even consider online Multiplayer and playing it elsewhere I've always found everyone's too serious to enjoy the game.

    I love Co-Op campaigns such as the lego games and offline multiplayer like guitar hero and Smash Bros are great fun.

    Generally speaking though when I do have some spare time to play a game I don't have time to find someone to play it with so single player games are what I play most.

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