Tetris Inspires Haute Headwear Fashion

Women's knitwear designer Timothy James Andrews has a little geek in him, apparently, as his upcoming Fall collection is inspired by both Tetris and Transformers. We expect Alexei Pajitnov will see no royalties from this Tetris spin-off as well.

It's not the first gaming to fashion connection we've seen, but with Swedish label Odeur recently being pegged for nods to Silent Hill's Pyramid Head, we only need one more loose relationship before we call it a trend.

Go ahead. Mock high concept fashion if you must, but the next time you find yourself emaciated and wan in a moldy basement with nothing to comfort you but two tubes of fluorescent lighting, you're gonna wish you had that hat.

Timothy James Andrews: A-Block-A-Brick-Toe [Dazed via .tiff]


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