That Hulu That Your PS3 Won't Do

Some PS3 websurfers have reported that, as of this morning, they're no longer able to play Hulu videos. Engadget dug through the Hulu TOS and thinks it knows why.

The PS3 had access to Hulu thanks to the console browser's flash support, leading some to wonder if this was a glitch or a block caused by the firmware. But do not adjust your set, reports Engadget:

The Hulu TOS was just updated as of June 26, and although we haven't found any PS3-specific passages, changing a browser's user-string to match the console reveals it is definitely being specifically blocked.

Hulu to PlayStation 3 Browsers: "This Video is not Available on Your Platform" [Engadget; image from FormatWarCentral]


    Funny, it's not working even on my computer.

    Just wondering, can Australians even use Hulu? I've tried to watch some stuff here and there and it doesn't work even though they were just clips and music videos... That had appeared on SNL... But still.

      Hulu is only available to people in the US as far as I know, so no we can't use it.

    So, does it work on the Wii?

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