The Clips Of E3: Day Three & Four

Day three of E3's clip round up has a lot more gameplay and a lot less hardware to drool over; but you can still get another look at the PSP Go in action.

Day four, meanwhile, was slim pickings — although that Fat Princess trailer really had me laughing. The Super Mario Galaxy 2 trailer was my favourite from day three without a doubt, although Final Fantasy XIII was pretty cool. Give me Yoshi in space over emo any day.

Anyone want to nominate a Best of E3 clip?

Day Three Watch The PSP Go Sliding In Action Ratchet & Clank Future E3 Developer Trailer Gran Turismo 5 Trailer Has, Yes, Car Damage Super Mario Galaxy 2 Screens And Trailer A New Final Fantasy XIII Trailer For You To Watch Heavy Rain Trailer Falls On E3 Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles E3 Trailer Assassin's Creed 2 Gameplay Glides In Kratos Is In The New Soulcalibur Whip It With This Castlevania: Lord of Shadow Trailer Natasha Bedingfield Serenades A DSi

Day Four You Ever Wonder What The Bottom Of An Avatar Shoe Looks Like? Today's Most Relaxing Trailer? Echochrono The Grinder E3 Trailer Plus-Sized Fat Princess E3 Trailer Taste Hot Monkey Vengeance! This Is The Most Technically Impressive Thing I've Seen All Week


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