The Fake, Half-Transformer Portable Xbox

No official portable Xbox is on the horizon, but that can't stop people from dreaming. The latest mock-up comes from a reader in Vancouver who has some creative ideas for advanced portable gaming.

Vancouver-based Video game artist David Delisle is building his portfolio and looking for feedback. He writes to Kotaku that he's not a fan of the PSPgo, as he's hoping for more hardware innovation for a device launching at $US250 U.S.

So he dreamed up the following for a portable and branded it to the Xbox for kicks.

Some of the features in his design include a detachable faceplate, the ability for the d-pad wheel to be unlocked and pivoted like a steering wheel and – as seen in the animations here – some interesting ways to work analogue triggers and a collapsible analogue stick into the design.

How much would you pay?


    No right stick?

    Good on him for giving it a crack.

    Everyones problem with portable gaming is comparing it to playing on a console. I think thats where the DS succeeds.

    There is no analog etc.. and just a D-Pad, 4 buttons and a touch screen.

    Portable gaming, is portable gaming. Now i have a PSP i never use, i just don't really have the time or anything to play it, when i have my Xbox or PS3 at home to use. It can be awkward to play because i'm used to those two analog etc..

    But thats everyones problem, criticizing the PSP and the PSPgo. If you want to experience those two analog sticks stick to your console. For now, put up with the one analog stick. It's a handheld system, portable!! Open your eyes people. You will eventually get your way, however this is where handheld systems are at right now, so deal with it!

    Consoles and handhelds are different in so many ways. SO stop trying to make them the same, when they won't!

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