The Last Guardian Is Team Ico's Latest

"Project Trico", the rumoured codename for the rumoured latest project by Team Ico, has been shown off during Sony's E3 press conference, along with its new name.

It'll be known by the far more respectable title of "The Last Guardian". While the footage shown to attendees at the conference was similar to that in the leaked video from a few weeks back, it was a lot more presentable. As you'd expect, with the leaked footage rumoured to be around a year old.

So, yes, totally real, totally coming to the PS3. Cannot. Wait.


    LOL @ leaks

    Team ICO have done it again. The animation and style are top notch. They're obviously enjoying the power of the PS3, and the visuals show it. That griffon looks spectacular! Possibly one of the most impressive I've seen. I'm really looking forward to this game.

    Wish they'd redo Shadow of the Colossus in HD, including the missing colossi that they didn't include the first time. That would be awesome!

    I seriously, will buy 2 copies of this game if it comes out in australia.

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