The Last Rebellion Japanese Theme Song Is Interesting

Here's the teaser site for upcoming role-playing-game The Last Rebellion. Click on the link below, but beware of the theme song, which can only be described as Japanese hair metal meets Irish folk music meets I-don't-know-what-the-fuck.

No, we take that back. Blast this music from your computer. The Last Rebellion will rock your PS3 off this fall. The website's source code has "left for three months" in the source code if that means anything.

Last Rebellion [Nippon Ichi via my game news flash]


    Very, very disappointing comment, Brian.
    The song is just fine, as it suits many asian listeners, and it has typical mystical japanese composition merged with it.
    Just because your musical taste biases towards something, it's not the same to many other readers.
    All I can hope is that your future posts are a bit more fair and open-minded.
    People who enjoys traditional japanese 'enka' style song, would appreciate it. It has a faint tone of western concept that is the main structural styling in Wild ARMs.
    There's absolutely NOTHING wrong about this theme song, thanks.
    It's disappointing that game reviewer like yourself would not comprehend this theme song and would just simply regard as "I-don’t-know-what-the-fuck."

    the violins perhaps? The sound i'm hearing isn't something groundbreaking......... s/he must have the voice of a symphony or there's brilliant rift to get my attention.

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