The Official Wii Lightsabers

Why settle for cheap plastic imitation when you can have the cheap plastic real thing this fall, with the release of the official Star Wars Lightsaber and Clone Trooper Blaster accessories for the Nintendo Wii.

Manufactured and distributed by Bensussen Deutsch & Associates, Inc., licensed by LucasArts and Nintendo, and marketed under BDA's Power A brand, the three new accessories sport Star Wars-ish detail, perfect for those of you who just can't by with the controls Nintendo provided for games like the upcoming Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes.

The lightsaber comes in both Anakin and Yoda flavors, with different colours representing the different... colours... of their lightsabers. I'm not all that up on lightsaber lore, okay? It's a piece of plastic you stick your Wii remote into so you can make realistic whooshing noises with your mouth while you play.

The Clone Trooper Blaster, much like any non-Clone Trooper blaster, features slots for both the Wii remote and the nunchuk, allowing for quick double-trigger action and a feeling of otherworldly power. It also comes with customisation stickers, in case that is a feature you were looking for.

All three bits will be out this fall exclusively for the Nintendo Wii, as nothing else fits inside those holes quite so well. Prices weren't listed, but I'm sure they'll fall within the normal $US20 range for stuff such as this.


    Please tell me you can connect a motionplus with this thing on... Judging by the picture you might not be able to.

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