The Old Republic Wordier Than Entire Run Of The Sopranoes

Still-in-development massively multiplayer online title Star Wars The Old Republic comes packed with voice acting, lots of voice acting.

Just how much? Not even the Bioware team are sure.

Every scene, every dialog tree, every branch of conversation is voice acted, and that's a mammoth amount of work. Principal lead writer Daniel Erickson said that meant the team had to do a massive casting call to fill all of the roles of the game. They also tried to make sure not to land any big names for the main roles, because those people will likely be around, providing voice work for the game for quite awhile.

The cast will include a few voices familiar to fans of science fiction. Some of the actors from Battlestar Galactica, for instance, did work for the game.

When I asked Erickson how many hours of audio they had already recorded he said he didn't know. But, he added, when the audio team was about a third of the way through the voice work they told him that they had just passed all of the audio found in the full six seasons, 86 episodes of The Sorpranoes.


    so TOR is going to be like 200 gigabytes on our hardrives? great lol

    I don't really mind how much space it takes up, Just I won't be downloading the beta, lol.

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