The PlayStation Network Gets Punished Next Week

There'll be nowhere to hide for PlayStation 3 owners next week, when Frank Castle bursts onto the PlayStation Network guns blazing in Zen Studios' The Punisher: No Mercy.

'The Punisher: No Mercy is a first-person shooter starring the Marvel Comics character that has failed to truly take off outside of the comics scene and t-shirt stores despite three movies and several video game adaptations. Zen Studios, perhaps best known for their pinball titles for the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network, hope to perhaps change that a little come July 2nd, when the game goes on sale for $US9.99.

No Mercy features a strong focus on online multiplayer action, allowing up to eight players to step into the shoes of iconic Pushier villains and allies, shooting their way through both solo and team-based missions. For those of you scared of online play, there is also a single player story mode with art by Marvel's Mike Deodato.

On one hand it is a lower-budget game based on a comic book licence, but on the other, it's Zen Studios, who haven't done me any wrong so far, albeit in a completely different genre. From a comic book fan's standpoint, there's also original Deodato art, which for me adds greatly to the value of the title.

Anyway, it's your call. The Punisher: No Mercy will hit the PlayStation Network with next week's update.


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