The PSPgo Is Expensive Because, Well, "There Is A Certain Premium"

The PSPgo had a lot of things going for it at E3. Bold digital download plan, smaller size. But then Sony announced the price. $US249. Nothankyou. Here, SCEE boss Andrew House explains why it's so damn expensive.

Speaking with MCV, the new Sony Europe head man said "When you introduce a new piece of hardware you have the opportunity to say there is a certain premium that is associated with it, and we took that into account."

In other words, the PSPgo isn't $US249 because Sony broke the bank researching it. It's not $US249 because it uses radical new technology, or because it has to make up for the fact people aren't buying many PSP games.

It's $US249 because it's new, and Sony knows (or at least believes) that the kind of people who will buy something when it's new will pay more for it than they probably should.

House Proud [MCV]


    Another classic example of Sony's wacky way of thinking.

    so they are openly acknowledging that its a gyp

    thats nice

    talk about NOT rewarding your fans!

    It's true though, a certain group of people will pay more to have something new, now. Sony are just mopping these people up, when sales begin to dry out, the price will get revised downward. Sony can be a bit slow to do the latter though, which can shift consumer sentiment against them as with the PS3.

    Early adopters deserve all they get (good and bad).

    Well at least they tell the truth.
    look at nintendo and their $100 AUD premium on the DSi what a joke.

    Oh i'm sorry, was I the only one who knew this to begin with? THINK people... every single electronic device out there, upon release, is overpriced. With the exception of a few, the vast, vast majority ask more than what its worth simply for this exact reason. So its nothing new... people act like Sony coined this idea for christ sake; no, they're just smart enough to realise how the market works.

    I guess the guys at Sony thought it worked for apple with ipods and iphones, and reasoned it should work here as well?

    It won't work because it's two very different group of comsumers.

    Gamers aren't the type who will buy anything that is shiny and has apple's logo on it.

    lol that article was very well put... Sony is charging more cause it can... and I won't be buying it either cause I can to...

    I fail to see the problem with this. Can someone explain why it's a problem that they are trying to make as much money as possible?

    It's because those little people are jealous that they don't get a slice of the pie. I could go for some right now with lots of cream.

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