The Screens Of Gran Turismo PSP

In these new batch of Gran Turismo screens we get a look at how the Playstation Portable version of the game treats cars like the Enzo and GTR.

Built from the ground up for the PSP, Grant Turismo PSP will feature more than 800 vehicle models, and more than 30 tracks. The game will be available on UMD or as a digital download "after the Oct. 1 release" of the PSPgo, according to the press release.


    Wow, thats quite impressive looking for a PSP, hell thats got more going on visually than Forza 2.

    they are too good to be true. i suppose the motion blur helps but i bet they have been altered.

    ..looks way to good to be psp.

    These are not gameplay screen shots... *disappointed*

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