The Second Best E3 Meme Is...

Want to know what the second best meme of this year's E3 was? Bam! Here it is.

During the Sony press conference, Polyphony Digital's Kazunori Yamauchi took the stage to talk Gran Turismo PSP. Since Yamauchi was giving his presentation in Japanese, there was a translator in tow.

Though, this translator carried a pad of paper and pen — something none of the other translators did and something you rarely see at E3 press conferences. (Usually, pro translators are able to stand up there and regurgitate into English free of paper and pen!) And doing so made him seem somewhat out of place — like he was doing anything but translating!

The internet has caught ahold of this as evident in this YouTube clip of the 'He Just Doesn't Give a Fuck' Translator and the humorous PhotoShops below.

Eds Note: Apologies for not linking to the sites where these PhotoShops originated as they're not on the Japanese site we're sourcing. Links to them in the comments below would be appreciated.

【E3】ソニーの発表会に通訳として出てきたおっさんがなぜか海外サイトで話題に [はちま起稿]


    LOL. I remember that guy when I was watching the live streaming. All I could think was; 'Why does he have pen n paper. Is he playing Sudoku?'

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