This Flight Sim Requires 120 Graphics Cards To Run

Back when they were popular, flight sims needed some pretty hefty hardware to get them running. But I can't remember any of them ever needing 120 dedicated graphics cards just to get off the ground.

But the HD World does. A custom F-16 fighter simulator, it runs off 120 dual core PCs with 120 $US400 graphics cards inside them, all chained together.

All that processing power gets you 10,000 "entities" on screen at once, realistic explosion and destruction effects and "20-40 visual acuity", which is apparently as close to photo-realism as current projector technology can manage in a situation like this.

Oh, and it all comes wrapped in a 180-degree screen, along with a fully authentic replica of an F-16 cockpit.

If it didn't cost millions and millions of dollars, I'd already have one on order.

Ultra-HD Military F-16 Flight Simulator Runs on 120 PC Graphic Cards [Gizmodo]


    Wow...just wow...120 $400US graphic cards?
    Pur-lease ill stick with my Microsoft Flight simulator X on my 5 year old computer =)

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