The Most Technically Impressive Thing I've Seen All Week

This being E3, there's been a lot of impressive stuff on show. But nothing as impressive as seeing somebody play Ubisoft's RUSE on Microsoft's $US20,000 touch-screen "Surface".


    only $20 000?
    looks insanse! rather that then natal

    Yeah not bad, it looks a little laggy though. I'd also like to pick on the fact that the demo didn't show the person actually playing the game, just panning around it. I don't know much about RUSE, but to see how the Surface works when you are actually interacting with the game play mechanics.

    wholy crap, i want one of those for christmas/birthday

    hot damn that'd be the ultimate way to play Endwar... combining that screen with the voice commands... hell, all we need now is real casulties

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