This Is Why I Thought Just Cause 2 Was "Best In Show"

I called Just Cause 2 the best thing I saw at E3. That's a big call for a sequel to a so-so game. So, just in case you think I've gone mad, watch this.

It's the same developer demo I sat through behind closed doors at E3. It runs for around 10 minutes, but it's definitely worth watching the whole thing. As for why I thought this was "best in show", well... I value innovation and originality in gaming as much as the next man, but sometimes, I just like to see things explode.


    Yes well Mercs 2 also looked good before it came out...

      @ Bob! - Mercs 2 NEVER looked good. Fans of the first game really saw something that was never there.

      Unless things go terribly wrong from here to the finish of Just Cause 2, this game looks like tons of fun. Looks pretty polished. Thanks for putting up the vid. Convinced ME to preorder.

        I totally agree Jose. I played the Mercs 2 demo only, but it looked very repetitive. I think JC2 will only appeal to ppl who are already fans of the original. The original was a little rough around the edges, with the physics handling (parachute and cars), and could get a little repetitive; but it was a beautiful game, and such a great sandbox game in which there were so many possibilities, and JC2 just looks to expand on them so much more.

    i agree- i just hope they impliment the upgrade system well- in the first one, it felt pointless to explore everywhere, plus the stunt system was too clunky- this looks like its fixed that!
    plus like it was boring- this looks like loads of funm and simple to control!

    maybe its just my comp but the player kept screwing up.. grr. anyone got a youtube link lol

    I just love watching developers run through their creations like its no big deal. I'm so sold on this game.

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