THQ Has Natal Dev Kits But No Sony Wand Dev Kits

Sony Computer Entertainment and Microsoft both showed off new motion control at E3 2009 and both appear to have designs on launching those offerings in 2010. And some third party publishers already have Project Natal dev kits.

THQ's Brian Farrell tells G4's The Feed that his company already has Natal development tools. They've had them for four to six weeks, by his estimation. The same can't be said for development on Sony's PlayStation Eye powered motion control tech, which is apparently still in the third-party "discussion" stage.

Sony apparently did say to developers, via a recent dev community bulletin, that "hardware prototypes and support are in extremely limited supply," that it is "prioritizing allocation for those partners likely to be able to deliver a title that makes use of the distinctive features of this controller at its consumer launch." That launch is penciled in for Spring of 2010, a launch that may not include THQ.

On the Natal front, Farrell isn't quite yet ready to discuss what THQ has planned. He doesn't rule out motion controlled content target at core users, but says the camera tech "feels more casual to us at this point."

THQ's Experimenting With Natal, Doesn't Have Sony Kits Yet, Making A Peripheral Game [G4's The Feed]


    I dont care what anyone says Natal is gay... "you ARE the controller"... umm, yeah okay... that may be all good and well but "I DONT want to be the controller".. if I have to look like a dickhead when I'm playing my games by jumping up and down and acting out whats on screen then count me out completely. At face value Natal sounds cool, but the more you think about it the more you realise that it really is a ridiculous concept.

    I jsut thought... the XBox 360 has the higest rated games overall on Metacritic. At least i think they do.. may margin with the amount of games compared to the PS3 etc...

    The Wii i'm 99.99% sure is least rated with all the cheap, kiddy games for it getting bad reviews.

    With Natal, i can tell those type of developers for the Wii, will port their old games to the Natal or develop new games just for Natal and all of respect that a lot of 360 games have and the console itself, is going to drop dramatically.

    Not winging about Natal - just making a point!

    “feels more casual to us at this point.” - Because its a shit gimmky concept pure and simple.

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