THQ Working On Their Own Controller-Based Game

Performing a body slam from the top ropes onto the back of the bandwagon, THQ is readying their own game-specific control accessory, to be added to the pile in 2010.

The news comes from an article in the LA Business Journal on the success that companies such as Activision have had with controller based games like Guitar Hero. Nestled away in said article is THQ's Chief Executive Brian Farrell spilling the beans on an upcoming controller-based title that he believes will give the company a "competitive edge".

"We have something that we think is different from anything else out there and will give us a competitive advantage," Farrell said. "Beyond that, we can't say much."

We've been scratching our heads over this one all morning, and the best we can come up with is either some sort of video gaming sponge, or as Totilo suggested, "a folding-chair controller to be used as a foreign object in future WWE games."

Of course, any new piece of video game plastic begs the question, is it really necessary? My own sentiments on the matter are echoed as the article continues, oddly enough, by Activision's Bobby Kotick.

But as more game companies toy with making their own controllers, it increases the danger of consumer overload. "Obviously there's only so much room in the living room for these kinds of things," Kotick said. "We don't want to clutter things up."

Yes. The last thing we need is a game that encourages players to buy four drum kits.

Control Issues [Los Angeles Business Journal - they make you pay to read]


    I'll wait for when virtual reality takes off in the next century. You can unfreeze me when it has a 3 digit price tag.

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